Josep Mora About me

About me

Josep Mora (Mataró, 1969). Formed in illustration and graphic design at the Pau Gargallo School of Applied Arts in Badalona. His career begins with the student of the great artist Jordi Arenas. Mora composes the artistic journey in a corporate retreat and the corporate image of the age of 25.

It is from the world of the sign that he experiences with materials that he dominates, such as adhesive vinyl and cellular polycarbonate, which he uses in his collage portraits.

His current work is based on the visual impact of portraits on a large scale with a surprising technique.

It's thousands of transparent, transparent, single-tone, adhesive vinyl points that are darkened as they are superimposed, and are joined in apparently messy but methodically placed.

When the viewer moves away from the work, he reveals the details and nuances as a whole.

Everything starts from a photograph, and the work ends after several weeks of work in an authentic and unique portrait.

• International Art Fair Milan 2019

• Collective exhibition Madrid 2019

• International Contemporary Art Fair Brussels 2019

• Collective exhibition Madrid 2019

• Collective Centenary exhibition Jordi Arenas Mataró (Barcelona) 2020

• Collective exhibition Sant Lluc Mataró (Barcelona) 2020